Top Personality Temperament Traits of Pomsky

Pomskies are the dogs of designer mixed breed. They are the offspring of two breeds that are intelligent and possess many good qualities. The style, personality and temperament of the dog depend on its parents. They will grow up as an intelligent and energetic being and will be quite sociable with adults and children. Before buying the Pomsky it is important to learn their personality traits and temperament. To understand the potential temperament of Pomsky a comparison is drawn between the husky and a Pomeranian as well as the combination of the two will help you in analyzing their traits.

Siberian Husky Personality and Temperament

1. They possess exceptional intelligence and can be trained relatively easily.

2. Quite playful and easily adapt social ability with adults, children, and strangers.

3. It has better looks than the personality traits and requires exercise and stimulation mentally. Without stimulation they will become destructive.

4. The owner must exert dominance and able to be firm.

Pomeranian Personality and Temperament

1. They mix well together with husky as they both share similar temperament and get curious too.

2. The owner must listen to Pomeranian and should follow all the rules as the bad habits can easily be picked by the Pomeranian which will result in bad behavior.

3. They have a hard time changing so it is important to train them during puppy time frame otherwise you will have a difficult time training.

4. They are sharply barking that can annoy the owner so it is important to take measures to keep them quiet.

5. They take the role of the protector which leads to barking especially around strangers.

6. It is the love and affection towards their master which will be the blessing, and at the time of barking, it will turn into a curse.

Inherited Traits to the Pomsky

1. They can be intelligent. During training, if proper care is taken then they can learn the commands with ease.

2. They will have energy like the husky and will be playful.

3. On getting bored, they will exhibit the bad behavior like chewing on the things.

4. After birth, the Pomskies can pick up the traits of Pomeranian like barking in high pitch.

5. They will show loving and protective nature.

6. They require significant levels of exercise. You can expect a daily walk to meet the needs of the Pomsky.

7. Some Pomskies may become a little chippy with children who are loud and make sudden movements in its locality.

8. For a family, they tend to be wonderful little pets that bring playfulness that is often lacking with other small animals.


Now you are familiar with the personality and temperament of the Pomeranian and Husky, you can easily come to know the common traits of the Pomsky. Each puppy is different so there is no on way to describe them. However, these puppies will be social so they can easily bond with you and your family members. As a trainer or owner, you play enthusiastically with your puppy. Offer sufficient levels of exercise to your loving puppy. Increase the energy of the puppies by running or walking with them. It will help in their workout. You should be careful while introducing your new Pomsky to kids. Sometimes Children act out and are loud, on seeing this the pomsky get the odd feeling and they become sensitive to the activity which makes the dog bark.

Being crossbreed, they are born with diverse looks and traits. Both breeds have their shortcomings like they shed heavily. The owners who devote time and energy to socialization and training can deal with the behavioral problems relatively easily in their mixed-breed. A genetic deficiency that might be passed by the parent breed to the Husky and Pomeranian mix can become the bigger issue. So it is important to buy the pup from the reliable breeder who goes through the check – up of the pup by a veterinarian before adoption.

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