About us

Welcome to Pomskies! We launched our website in April of 2017. It was created for our small family owned/run Pomsky breeding program. We’re happy to offer the puppies we breed online exclusively here at Pomskies.


Our love for dogs is what got us initially interested in the idea of breeding. We thought…why not share our love and passion with others to enjoy? So we started researching everything we could find on breeding, whelping, and raising litters of puppies. We did this for a bout a year before we decided to actually move forward. We of course wanted to be sure that we felt confident about the adventure we would be embarking upon, it is a big responsibility after all.

After deciding to move forward into the world of breeding dogs, we then had to decide what breed it was that we wanted to do so with. So began our search for our “perfect” breed. It had to be a breed that we felt a passion for and enjoyed having them not just as breeding dogs but as family members as well. These dogs would first and foremost be our family pets. After some length of time, we stumbled across the Pomsky and immediately fell in love with the idea of them. It was hard to research them as there was very little documented information concerning them, so we researched both of the pure breeds used to create them instead. At that time there were very few listed breeders of the Pomsky to be found. After a few failed attempts to reach out to a couple of these breeders asking for a bit of insight, we knew that if we went forward with our plans that we would be doing so alone. We decided that we were up for the challenge.

We searched high/low for two quality female Siberian Husky puppies to start our program. We found them in 2014, and so began our journey! About a year late we added two perfect Pomeranian’s to our program as well, one a puppy and the other a year old. We couldn’t have been happier. Not only did we have great quality breeding dogs, but each one brought an unique element to our family!

In August of 2015, we had our very first litter of Pomsky puppies! Even after all of the research and planning we did, it didn’t give us a real idea of just how much work raising a litter of puppies really is. We were exhausted mentally and physically, but we were loving every moment of it! After each puppy in that litter was placed with their forever families we knew this wasn’t going to be an easy journey, but it was definitely going to be a worthwhile journey! We love what we do!

If you are looking to add a quality Pomsky puppy to your family please take the time to read through our entire site to learn about us, our practices, our priorities, our mission, and our policies.

We want each one of our Pomsky families to enjoy their journey of adding a puppy to their family.


All of our puppies come vet checked, up to date on shots, wormed, micro-chipped, CKC registration, pedigree, pet carrier, blanket with mom’s scent, toy, leash/collar, starter bag of food, a 5 year health guarantee with our contract, lifetime support, and last but not least very loved/spoiled.


We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of our puppies to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.

All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!