German Spitz vs Pomeranian: Differences Between Two Breeds

There are many instances that people get confused while they are buying a dog as two breeds of the dog seem similar in characteristics. Such confusion is between these two breeds of the dog- German Spitz and Pomeranian. The possibility of the confusion between these two breeds might be because of the fact that both the breeds share the same ancestor.

However, there are differences in their looks and other characteristics in the dogs. The pom dogs are generally larger than the German Spitz dogs. Pomeranian and German Spitz both breeds belong to Germany. But the breed of Pomeranian was developed in Poland and hence the name Pomeranian. Here, you can see the differences of German Spitz vs Pomeranian.

German Spitz vs Pomeranian

German Spitz Pomeranian
The lifespan of this breed dog is 13-14 years. The lifespan of this Pomeranian dog is 11-12 years.
As per the price point of view getting a german spitz in an economical range. Getting a Pomeranian dog is a bit on the expensive side.
The dogs of this breed weigh in the range of 4-6 pounds. The dogs of this breed weigh in the range of 3-7 pounds.
Their tail is curled. The dogs of this breed have a tail that lies flat on their back.
German Spitz breed dogs are lively, attractive and trustworthy. Poms are generally very active in nature, playful and friendly.
The dogs have a double coat in this breed- an outer coat and an undercoat. The dogs of this breed also have a double coat.
The dogs have soft and fluffy undercoat while their outer coat is of straight and dense hair. The dogs have short and dense undercoat but a long outer coat.
The dogs of this breed will require trimming timely. The dogs of this breed will also require trimming timely.

The personality of both the dogs is quite similar to dogs of both the breeds are playful and active in nature. German Spitz dogs are more friendly as compared to the poms. Pomeranian dogs are known to be a little stubborn and vivacious in the behavior. When it comes to their height there is a little difference between the two breeds as the German Spitz have two types in that breed as well: Klein and Mittel. Klein dogs are smaller and are 9-11 inches in height whereas the Mittel or the medium sized dog are 12-15 inches.Pomeranians generally measure between 8-12 inches the Klein size of the dogs is of the same height as that of the German Spitz.

Sometimes the poms might look like German Spitz and that is the reason why most people get confused between both the breeds. This can be due to the breeding of both the breeds that might result in characteristics such as coat, height, weight, fur, etc like that of the German Spitz.

I hope that with all the differences that I have stated above between the two breeds you will be able to distinguish between both the breeds easily and decide which one you would want to own as per your preferences.

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