Do Pomskies Shed? – Exactly What You Are Looking For

The Pomsky is the cross breed of male Pomeranian and female Siberian Husky dogs. They are cute loving puppies. They have unpredictable features of both Pomeranian and Siberian Husky.  Particularly the Siberian Husky is known for shedding. Now the question comes that whether the Pomskies shed? Yes, they do shed. Actually, they are heavy shedders. I will present some of the points regarding their shedding process.  

1. They shed twice a year, and the shedding process persists about 90 days. But you can lessen shedding by brushing them twice a day.

2. Shedding of Pomsky dog depends on breed or health of the dog. Sometimes they shed more seasonally. During winter they need thick coats, so they shed for the warmer spring.

3. Dogs that spend all their time indoors shed all year. They will face less notably shedding events.

4. If you shave your dog in hotter climates, then it will keep them cool. But for Pomsky it is not good as they bear double coats. Under the dog’s coat, the skin is sensitive and has hair follicles that can be infected.

Pomskies need some grooming. Their coats are striking and little time is put into their coats to keep them maintained. Their coats remain beautiful due to the time invested into the coat care. As they are the mixed breeds of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian, so I will discuss the features of the breeds. The features of their coats will give you the knowledge about their shedding.

The Siberian Husky Coat

The double coated dog faces extreme shedding at least twice a year. In warmer areas, they shed all the year round. They prefer cleanliness, so if their coats become too dirty and are not kept clean for a longer time, then serious mating can take place. The fur gets tangled together which can be painful. If the coat is kept clean and is brushed regularly, then matting can be reduced to the great extent.

The Pomeranian Coat

It is also double coated dog that can also have two major shedding during the year, or it can be all over the year also. They also require grooming on a regular basis. They also suffer from matting problem which causes infection. Brushing is also required so that proper caring of the coat can be done.

Pomsky shedding

Pomsky is the designer dog. They incorporate the features of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. They shed and do require grooming regularly. You should be aware of the grooming cost. They also shed, it is very much important to keep their coat clean and brush them on a regular basis. Now you must be worrying about that whether they will go totally bald or will have patches. No need to worry as they have a lot of hair so during their shedding period you will face that too much are coming out of their body, but I would suggest that no need to get alarmed. You can maintain their cuteness by properly grooming and brushing them. A Little bit of attention has to be given to the cleaning part.


If you want to keep Pomsky as a pet animal, then you will have to face the shedding problem. Their coat needed to be groomed and brushed properly. At least in a week brush them and use a lint brush for easy cleanup. In hotter climates keep them inside.If you shave them in a hotter climate, then they will have a cooling effect. But it will be favorable if you keep away from hotter climate as they have the double coat like Huskies.

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