Are Huskies Hard to Train – Siberian Husky Training Guide

Husky is a breed of dog that has the thick coat. Their coat has the multitude of colors and markings that look beautiful. They are cute loving creatures that everyone will enjoy their company. To have good experience with them, training is the must. Now the question arises that how to train a husky? Huskies are pack dogs so they are not trained easily and become destructive in absence of exercise. It is important to train them properly for all situations. I will discuss the steps of husky puppy training so that you will come to know clearly that are Huskies hard to train?

Are Huskies Hard to Train?

1    Alpha – You can build obedience in your husky only when they respect or listen to commands coming from an alpha. You must behave like leaders for them all the time as they listen to their leaders only. By your alpha position, you can train husky not to involve in a bad or unwanted behavior of jumping, chewing, digging, biting.

2    Reward good behavior– Positive reinforcement is needed to inculcate good manners in husky. The bad behavior of husky should be redirected to good behavior. You should set goals for them and train them in a simple manner. You should start your commands from minimal to complex and reward at all stages of motivation.

3    Discipline – Discipline should be firm. Words like “no” or “stop” should be used for husky but without anger. Give commands authoritatively and exhibit alpha leadership. You should observe that a command should be obeyed.

4    Useful vocabulary– You should obey useful vocabulary with your husky so that good relationship can be developed between you and your husky through sound communication. The husky will become smart, active, well – mannered through sound vocabulary.

5    Consistent – You should be consistent and balanced in your training. Set a routine to be consistent. The regular schedule of playing and eating will provide quality time to you and your husky.

6    Make some rules –  Husky will follow the commands that are consistent. The confusing commands are disliked by them. You should form rules and stick to them. Communicate these rules to your family members too. If your Husky is well mannered than its good characteristics will pass it on to the Pomsky, the offspring of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian.

7    Exercise – At least you must take out at least thirty minutes to exercise and play with the husky. It will make husky active and playful. Lack of exercise will make your husky fat and lazy.


All the above-mentioned points will really help you find the answer of “Are Huskies Hard to Train”and also in training your dear husky. From going through the points, you can realize that whether huskies are hard to train? You should react properly to whatever he does lest husky will learn the wrong things. To train Siberian Husky it is important to teach them to respect you. The moment you bring your Husky at home its training period starts so you should pay attention to the behavior of your Siberian Husky. The more you take efforts on its training the more you will achieve positive outcomes. Huskies are not hard to train if proper manner is followed by its training.

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