Meet the parents of our puppies!


Hello, my name is Doodlebug. I am a CKC registered F2 male Pomsky. Both of my parents are Pomskies. I am 62% Siberian Husky and 38% Pomeranian. I have a


Hi, my name is Onyx. I am a CKC registered F1 Pomsky. I am 50% Siberian Husky and 50% Pomeranian. My mother is Eva, a beautiful black/white Siberian Husky with


Hi, my name is Buster. I am an AKC/CKC registered Pomeranian. I have a very thick orange sable coat and brown eyes. My temperament is that of a very sweet


Hello, my name is Panda. I am an absolutely stunning black/white wooly AKC/CKC Siberian Husky. I do not have blue eyes like the other huskies in my pack but my


Hi my name is Blue. I am a handsome blue merle parti CKC registered Pomeranian with blue eyes. I am a happy and playful boy. One of my favorite things


Hi, my name is Sky. I am an exquisite gray/white, AKC/CKC registered Siberian Husky, with blue eyes and a standard coat. My parents say that I have the most amazing


Hello, my name is Eva. I am a stunning black/white, AKC/CKC registered Siberian Husky, with blue eyes and a very plush coat. I am the Alpha in my pack, but